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And speaking of WordPress, why in God’s name would WordPress add Emoji crap to their Core code, without offering a convenient way to opt-out? Something this frivolous should be opt-in to begin with, at the very least! Luckily, there are two simple lines you can add, to remove, this new code… Really, WordPress, you embarrass yourself some times…

On the brighter side of WordPress, I’ve seen CMSs with front-end editors before, and the concept of adding one to WordPress is pretty intriguing

And for automating some of your WordPress needs, this article touts the benefits of Gulp. But I can, and already do, all of that with Grunt. What am I missing here? What is the huge benefit of Gulp over Grunt?

Full video game engine with 3D rendering and real-world physics in a browser? Yes. Ability to style <select> dropdowns in a browser? No.
, as posted on Twitter

Yup. It’s just like that…

Although the code examples in this article are iOS-based, the explanations and rationale for using the Singleton pattern are quite good.

Clever technique for using image masks and filters to customize your SVG icons!

ITCSS—which stands for Inverted Triangle CSS—is a fully managed CSS architecture. It’s not a framework or library; there’s nothing to download or install.

explains his new philosophy for keeping your CSS “scalable, terse, logical, and manageable.”

And here the same man talks about Cyclomatic Complexity and CSS. What is this world coming to??? :-)

And finally, maybe a bit morbid to think about, but the reality cannot be denied: What will happen to your online content once you have died? Sheesh, way to bring the room down…

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  1. your good friend says:

    grunt saves files to disk in-between each task from what i understand and gulp pipes things in memory from task to task so you will get better speed out of it

    this is what i was lead to believe

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