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Mr. World Wide Web himself, Sir , recommends that we do not switch all of websites to HTTPS, but not in the way that sounds; he recommends upgrading HTTP to automatically include TLS, and thus making the entire web secure, by default, without everyone in the world having to change all their URLs.

And speaking of HTTP, here is a cool, animated video explaining HTTP/2! Short, fun, and informative.

Moving from security to performance, 8 students from Portland State University, working with Mozilla, have developed a JS library that will help reduce battery drain. Amazing stuff!

Sticking with performance, here is a deep-dive into Chrome DevTools’ Timeline, specifically focusing on the JavaScript Profiler, Frame Viewer, and Paint Profiler.

And maybe you’d also like to keep an eye on the performance stats of your host server, conveniently from any browser?

For anyone (like me) that has not yet delved into the ES6 world, I suppose it’s time to get started… (And in case you were wondering, support is still as bad as you feared…)

Spartan Beats Chrome In Google’s Own Playground. Ohhhhh, snap.

For the data-nerds out there, Stereotropes are a fascinating visualization technique! And a seriously dangerous way to lose hours in tangent tunnel diving… (Also some cool use of SVG!)

I have lamented the term “hamburger icon” many times, but had to chuckle at the term “kebab icon”… :-) aims to replace your localhost environment by offering free, online dev space for basically any modern language you can imagine. ¡Impressivo! Though, I’m not entirely sure what you are supposed to do with your code once you have something you want… I don’t see a way to export or otherwise upload/deploy to a production environment, but as this is connected to Koding University, maybe the real intent is for learning purposes only…?

Does responsive web design make you more money?

I am shocked at how often I still see people building stuff with JS that is not progressively-enhanced. I guess some see it like insurance: “I don’t need it. (Until I need it…)” And many tend to think the only time you need it are for those a-hole users that have turned off JS, but then, they deserve what they get, right?? Well, there are a couple of other reasons that a user might not receive your JS, so you might want to think a little bit and plan for it…

From CSS Tricks comes Chaining Multiple Blend Modes and, as happens so often, just in time for me to employ this at work this week! :-)

Since we all live and breathe in the world of tech, here are 9 Overlooked Technologies That Could Transform The World. Granted, some of these have scary implications, but it’s a shame that most of what is scary about them is “What would happen if people with ill-intent used this?”…

And finally, now that you are all hot-and-bothered with the possibilities of futuristic technologies, allow me to introduce you to perhaps the worst place on Earth… Warning: Once you have read the article and scrolled to the bottom and watched the short video, you will hate yourself for owning any form of technology…

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