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Bootstrap tabs that keep track of the history using the HTML5 History API. Smart stuff!

The Microsoft Edge team has started blogging about their F12 Developer Tools. Their first installment is all about the Network panel, and the additions and changes they’ve made there.

We’re probably all familiar with a few of CSS‘s “at-rules”, like @font-face, @media, and maybe @support if you’re adventurous. But there are a lot more to play with! Too bad @document isn’t better supported, that is pretty powerful!

A short note on ARIA‘s aria-labelledby and aria-describedby. Nice to know that you can make screen-readers call-out elements that are hidden to the visual user!

Next up are three HTML5 articles:

  1. First up is a lengthy article regarding sound on the web, discussing uses, meanings and choices for using the audio element. Far more in-depth than the article’s title suggests.
  2. Next is an explanation of the video element, all the various formats, which is best for what and where, and how to combine it with a video-hosting service.
  3. And finally, What’s the Difference Between Image and Figure Tags in HTML5? A good question deserves a good explanation.

And speaking of sound on the web, as a drummer, TypeDrummer is just plain fun! Check-out my rad chops! :-)

From comes a collection of comments and viewpoints on “the state of design tools”.

Speaking of design, I was already familiar with text-rendering: optimizeLegibility to try to help my text appear a little better, but I was not aware of the performance-hits this causes, or the option of text-rendering: optimizeSpeed… It’s nice to have options, and is something that one might make use of if you have a device-detection scheme in place, offering smaller screens better performance at the cost of slightly less-pretty text.

Wow, some very adventurous text hover effects! (Scroll down on the demo page to see the various effects.)

The incredible shows how to determine if and why your hero images may be downloading slowly, and how to improve the process… As usual, fantastic stuff!!

Unfortunately this link appears to be dead… Local Storage Bridge is a very clever technique that uses local storage to communicate between tabs.

Speaking of clever, need a second monitor? Have an iPad?? That’ll work

A fascinating look into the past, and future, of CSS, but also into the origins of one of the greatest heroes in our web development universe, .

Skype has been working on real-time translations for some time now, but now “anyone can now use Skype Translator to translate English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin in real time“… Universal Translator, here we come! :-)

shows us how to Automatic Text Contrast with CSS Blend Modes via progressive enhancement methods. Typically awesome!

And finally, I first heard of Wolfram Alpha via my friend ; it is amazing, but most of what is so amazing about it is honestly somewhat beyond me… But its ability to identify images you upload is certainly not beyond me…

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