Today’s Readings

Wow, just freaking wow!!

Responsive images: Okay, let’s all get this straight, right now…

Now, we all got it??

Expanding on the images issue, presents three techniques for dealing with background Retina images. I share a concern with a commenter regarding Option 3, as it looks like Retina screens would download both images, but maybe I’m wrong?

And shows a pretty easy method for creating a circular navigation, if you’re in need of that. (The text might make more sense if you jump to this animated example first…)

Great, basic intro article on Flexbox, providing a great visual aid to help get the concept of some basic order and layout concepts.

Here are four tips to help you make great themes in WordPress. I will bet you know the first three, but the fourth introduced me to something new: get_template_part(). Handy!

And then you can peruse through these 14 Tips for Making the WordPress Admin Client-Proof (So They Don’t Break Their Site!). This is a really, really good list, even if your client is your own marketing department… ;-)

Nice-looking new cross-OS GitHub Desktop app!

For my designy-peeps: I know you don’t get much love here, so I’ve got a few items for you:

Nice, quick tutorial on CSS counter properties, and how to get custom stuff, pretty easily!

Fantastic collection of very easy to implement accessibility tips for SVGs.

Browser stats. You know them, right? Chrome rocks, Firefox is keeping up, IE was lagging for a while, but Edge has already started grabbing a foothold. And on mobile, well, it’s Safari and Chrome, right? Well, after you take a look at these worldwide browser stats, and you might have to download a few more browsers on your testing devices!

And finally, I’m glad I’m not the only one that has this fictional conversation about progressive enhancement with himself…

Happy reading,

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