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As a back-room-wanna-be fictional writer, and as a raving UX nut, I found this analogy of UX to storytelling to be quite fascinating.

And speaking of UX, here is a great approach to dealing with the less-than-ideal states of a UX. All too often I, as the developer, have to prod my designers to get the design for these states (and often I have to do the design itself based on the designs I did get).

A freaking awesome feature that is currently only available on Firefox, the CSS element() function, allows live samples of websites, which allows for some incredible UI opportunities!

And by the way, the above three bits came from ‘s fairly new Links section, which is slowly becoming my preferred Twitter, added right into my RSS reader… No cruft, just great referrals…

Fantastic collection of performance-related resources from a host of Googlers.

Although this list of user-entered data strings that can break things will likely make my QA testers giddy, and then immediately make my life worse, I am still willing to share it…

Adding hyphen support to your site’s text does indeed seem like a great idea, but I wish there were a way to more finely tune the threshold at which words hyphenate (like, “the hyphen must have at least 4 letters on each side, otherwise keep the word together”) would be nicer, but that’s just me being picky… ;-) I’m going to give it a try on this site for a while, see what I think…

Nice, lengthy article on the basics of Flexbox, followed by several great resources for more in-depth info.

An interesting series from Tuts+: Building a Mini, API-Driven Web App.

There’s no denying that MVC-style development is all the rage right now, what with AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS, etc. practically taking over the JS world. Of course, MVC started long before JS was born, but that’s certainly where it is hottest right now. But this CSS Tricks article about using Twig and Timber within WordPress might get WordPressers just as excited!

brags about the newly-constructed dConstruct conference website. And justifiably so! The site is gorgeous, performant, responsive, and works perfectly well on the classic Lynx browser! I especially love the space elevator and I almost missed the floating platforms! :-)

And finally, the concept of the standing desk is all-the-rage, but what if you can’t afford to drop a couple to a few thousand dollars on the ideal set-up? As long as you don’t care what the other kids might say, this option seems highly doable… :-)

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  1. Jeremy Keith says:

    Hey Aaron,

    Glad you’re like the links section of my site. I don’t know if it qualifies as “fairly new” though—it’s been going for over ten years. :-)



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