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I have an upcoming project in which I hope to use ‘s Critical to separate my critical CSS from my not-so critical CSS. And was kind enough to create a nice little tutorial on the subject, (seemingly) just for me!

document.implementation.createHTMLDocument() is definitely new to me, but it turns out to be a great way to parse an HTML response without loading any images.

Do you use a Mac? I do. And Windows 10 is tantalizing, but also beyond my OSs’ reach. Until now. Mac’s Bootcamp now officially supports Windows 10.

From comes a nice truncation tip to avoid the disappointment of a “Read more” link revealing only 2-3 more words… I think you could also try counting spaces to find the actual number of words, but the idea is there.

An interactive explanation of the CSS animation matrix. Still not sure I get it…

But once you have that down, you can perfect your CSS animation!

And if perfection isn’t good enough for you, then make your animation flawless!! :-)

Need a mobile framework, but not sure which to choose? This mobile framework comparison chart could help! However, it’s more about comparing which environments they run in, and not so much about what features they provide. Seems that would be a useful bit, once you’ve narrowed down to a few options.

Some pretty sexy 3D progress bars… Look great in Chrome, good in FF, surprisingly not-too-bad in Safari, but have no IE to test with. Anyone?

Have to admit, I’ve never really had a problem with an italic font’s slant, but if you ever do, here is a very clever, yet very simple solution.

Sequence.js: The responsive CSS animation framework

There’s something unpleasant tasting about a JS CSS framework, but you cannot argue with the results, very nice!

But if you prefer to roll your own, then maybe this CSS Transitions Cheatsheet will be helpful!

again, this time with DevTools Tips For Sublime Text Users. Great stuff!

Interesting mobile browser stats from around the world… How well do you know your audience?

And once you get to know your audience a little better, maybe it is time to consider the Graceful Improvement approach

If you are not already familiar with Git, here is a nice 3-part intro course.

Ever try to upgrade Node on Windows? Pain, right?? Apparently not any more

Anyone else out there been avoiding ES6? Maybe now’s the time, with this intro article

And finally, after all that, I think you deserve a little full-screen space station view of the Aurora Borealis

Happy reading,

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