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W3C, along with SAP, TCD and KUL, is partner in a European project called STREWS. The goal is to bring research and standardization in the area of Web security together. The project is funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme). It organizes workshops, writes reports, and, as its main goal, writes a “European Roadmap for Research on Web Securityā€¯.
Participate in a survey on Web security by the STREWS project

Lend a hand, and complete this survey, won’t you?

Article about the technology behind Facebook’s preview photos. Which basically involves using a thumbnail image and scaling it up to be blurry, then replacing it with the properly-sized image. No questioning the perceived performance gains, but I wonder how a progressive JPG would have fared…

Here are huge batch of fixes to help get rid of a host of the most annoying things about WordPress

And, if you are a WordPress plugin author, here is a fantastic method for updating WordPress plugins via GitHub releases using WordPress Transients! It’s a little complex, meaning there are a few moving pieces, but the process is actually really elegant, and a helluva lot better than having to deal with SVN! :-)

Okay, just one more WordPress thingy: The WordPress Template Hierarchy is an interesting diagram, but I’m not sure I fully get it’s function… Personally, I would really love to see the hook/filter version of that… :-)

An interesting idea for Generating Alternative Stylesheets for Browsers Without @media.

Automagically make your site’s HTML editable

A couple of new (to me) methods for debugging in Chrome’s DevTools.

As I say often, even of you think you know a subject really well, it can never hurt to at least skim through a beginner’s-level article on that subject. With that in mind, I pass along this .bind() For Dummies article; you never know what tidbit you might glean.

So, we already have scrolling to read more (duh), and we have scrolling that causes animation (a la parallax), now shares scrolling to draw shapes! :-)

How fonts affect your website’s performance is less about how fonts affect your website’s performance than it is about how to use systems fonts on small screens and use a media query to load custom fonts are larger screens… But it does also mention a cool site, Tinytype, which tells you which system fonts are include on the major device OSs. That’s handy.

I have been passively following (and drooling over) ITER and the concept of fusion reactors for a very long time, but there has been very little (substantial / marketable) progress. But now there is the possibility of having a working fusion reactor in the next five years?!?! That would be… so… huge…

Appears ‘s site has undergone a pretty slight redesign and much more serious rebranding! New site, new name, but still great articles, with cool topics, and helpful tips. This time around he shows us how to reveal images via a scribble effect, using SVG and blend modes.

And finally, a new documentary about the history of National Lampoon is coming our way… For anyone that was born in the last 50-60 years, or will be born any time in the future, and likes to laugh, you owe a lot to the nutball humor of National Lampoon. Cannot wait for this one…

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