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And from the “Wait, who did what?” and “Is that browser still in active development?” category, Safari has made some cool changes to their Web Inspector tabs.

Got Git? I’m sure you do… And here are several cool options for dealing with pull requests, including a link to some very useful aliases you can add to your local Git installation!

Some great tips for Debugging CSS Keyframe Animations.

While it is true that most performance-related issues are front-end-related, a lot of those front-end issues originate with design choices. So let’s all learn how to Design for Performance.

guides us through using srcset‘s w descriptor to suggest the proper image.

A couple weeks ago Netflix published an article explaining how they improved perceived performance by testing with a new “page ready” indicator, performance.timing.domInteractive. has a few concerns about their test results, but is also quick to mention that the test cases he uses could be creating issues that not everyone has…

walks us through how to set-up an opt-in push notification system, at least for Chrome, for now…

Flexible Grid System is a Responsive CSS Framework. This framework will let you create your web applications in a flexible way that you’ve never experienced before.

Not so sure about “never experienced before” but it is an interesting collection of options!

HTTP Security Report is kind of like WebPagetest, but for security issues. Ran this site through it; something tells me “26” is not a good score…

The JavaScript Looping Evolution is an interesting read on the history, and future, of JS loops.

I think one of the few things designers and developers can agree upon is that native HTML select element sucks when it comes to trying to make something look nice, across browsers; it is easily the most bastardized appearance of any HTML element. Which is why CSS Only Dropdowns With The Checkbox Hack is not a bad idea at all…

Not so sure about the practical effects of this, but show us how to create random fuzzy edges on SVG elements. It looks cool enough, for a background, and I can imagine a very slow, random animation on each circle looking pretty cool…

One of the irritating things about CSS-only animations is that you can’t do a callback when the CSS animation is done, you have to rely on JS… Well, here is a cool little JS library that helps you animate via CSS, and use as little JS as possible, and includes a begin and complete callback

I really like the CSS naming convention of BEM. I really do. And Harry Roberts think we should take it one step further with BEMIT. At some point my head starts to spin… So maybe CSS modules can actually help here a bit, eh?

Oh … From where do you come up with so many wonderful CSS animation ideas???? Here is yet another

And finally, NASA has a Tumblr account… Okay then.

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