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How’s your ES6 coming along? Mine, not so good. I really need to start working my way through ‘s How to Learn ES6

And to get started, here is an interesting piece on Const & Immutable Objects.

And another on ECMAScript 6’s destructuring gotcha!

Pretty slick Kindle-style Ebook pagination with just a little CSS

gives us just a taste of what Grid Layout and subgrids will bring us as support matures.

In the mean time, I continue to be impressed with the flexibility that Flexbox brings us

And if you’re more the “watch don’t read” kinda person, then this Axis of Flexbox video is just for you

It’s 2016 already, how are websites still screwing up these user experiences?!

Indeed. How?!?!

Not all that practical in-and-of-itself, but making things like Building a Killer iPhone Layout with CSS are fun ways to learn!

Neat trick for CSS object-fit fallback on Edge (and other browsers).

That is slick!

That deserves to be added to these 22 Essential CSS Recipes, some of which you will likely know, but others are freaking awesome!

Now here is something you don’t see everyday: someone supporting the use of more parallax

I love the tweet screengrab in this Leaner Responsive Images With Client Hints article… I also love the technique that solves the problem that Brad highlights…

And finally, I’m proud that I am still cycling to and from work, well into winter (though admittedly we are not seeing anything here in Germany like it looks like our friends and family back along the east coast of the US are (or the photos in this article show!)), but it can get pretty cold! So, if you’re still trying to give it a go, make sure you follow these tips for winter bicycle riding!

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