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shares some super-cool CSS techniques that can replace our purely-decorative pseudo element implementations!

I know ‘s article about Web Components bounced around a couple months ago, but I tend to only think of using components in Angluar/React/whatever sites, so I wanted to bring it back to ask if anyone is doing this in non-Angluar/React/whatever sites?

Hey designers, I know Figma has been the flavor-of-the-month for a while now, but is anyone interested in PhotoShop coming to the web? I have actually used Photopea many times and love it! At least for my humble needs, it is almost a perfect web-version of PhotoShop.

Has everyone now managed to get all their sites and projects setup and running HTTP/2? Good! Cause it looks like HTTP/3 is just around the corner… The article includes a really cool refresher/primer on how the HTTP stack works in the first place, why we needed HTTP/2, why we need HTTP/3 so soon after HTTP/2, the importance and our reliance on TCP and why we needed QUIC. And in case that’s not enough for you, Part 2 and Part 3 are also available! :-)

shares implementations, ideas and best practices for preference queries, including how to manage them via JS. I do still want to add a theme color toggle to this site…

Stephanie also shares a whole batch of CSS Custom Property goodness, including comparisons with pre-processor alternatives/options.

Speaking of Custom Properties, here’s a small collection of micro-libraries for all kinds of UI elements!

presents The State Of Web Workers In 2021. Go ahead, dive in, shard that thread!

shares 10 Clean code examples (Javascript). Nice clean stuff indeed!

A whole slew of template/code generators/samples:

  • CSS Layout Generator lets you pick a generic layout, tweak it visually, then copy the CSS for it
  • Responsive Type Clamp Generator lets you pick a font stack and size, tweak it visually, then copy the CSS for it
  • HTML boilerplate generator lets you toggle which “bits” your HTML template needs, then copy it
  • The Component Gallery offers a ton of component code samples
  • 30 seconds of code has code snippets for all your development needs, in just above every language
  • Frontend Toolkit has a bunch of useful frontend utilities and converters (though I am not sure how some work)
  • And Theme Builder is an impressive looking tool, but I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing, nor what I am supposed to do with whatever it does…

Anyone looking for a job? If you are, here are a bunch of resources to help you prepare:

And finally, this should be our guiding scenario for everything we ever do in life, replacing “an ideal society” with “[whatever we are planning to do]”, and adding “geographic location” and “set of physical and mental capabilities” to #2…

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