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No question, the web dev world is all a flutter about CSS Cascade Layers… First Getting Started With CSS Cascade Layers article hit a few weeks ago, and now offers A Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers. I can feel all the flutter, can you?

shares a freaking awesome Chrome DevTools feature:

Mike Skowronek, @coderitual: In @ChromeDevTools, holding SHIFT while moving mouse over resources in network panel shows you which asset caused to load another asset
In @ChromeDevTools, holding SHIFT while moving mouse over resources in network panel shows you which asset caused to load another asset – Mike Skowronek, Twitter

WordPress is joining the Block Protocol. tells us why this might be pretty important.

And is here to tell us why React 18 adding concurrent rendering is also important.

and announce that GitHub has added a diagram feature for Markdown files… Some next-level ASCII Art!

Or maybe you prefer creating your own ASCII Art?

But speaking of Markdown, takes us on a walk through the history, pros, cons and possible future of everyone’s favorite “shortcut” language.

shares a wonderfully simple Dynamic Line Separator.

I have to admit that, as much as I want to be a command line power user (I mean, that’s how all the cool movie and TV hackers do it, and I did start out using MS-DOS, for Chri’sakes!), my horrendous typing has always made it too painful of an experience… But for anyone out there that has a firm command of their command line, here are a few SSH tools to make that part of your command lining more commanding…

A very cute heart-shaped toggle switch, from

walks us through a comparison of Node JS and Browser JS.

The React Virtualized Window is trying to solve a real problem: the performance bottleneck that comes with an excessive DOM. But it seems to come with its own serious bottlenecks, like having to have dimensions, and the fact that you are only rendering part of the DOM itself… Does that mean page content is not visible to search engines, screen readers, etc.?

WebPageTest got a lot of attention with their recent redesign. But there have been some other pretty big feature updates that are also news-worthy.

Speaking of performance, subsetting fonts can be a great way to reduce payload, thereby improving page load speeds for our users. But subsetting isn’t always easy. Well is here to help us with a couple methods for subsetting the awesome Font Awesome.

Creating forms has been the bane of web developers since, well, we were called Webmasters… Tally is here to try to rectify that situation, by offering “codeless” form creation. I was able to create form fields, but couldn’t immediately see how to get my resulting form… Would need to dig in more, I guess.

Files is a “Single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any folder, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders.” At first I thought it was for creating user-facing galleries, like on a website, but it is more like a File Manager. But a really beautiful one, that you can share with clients, can handle numerous file types, even has a code editor view!

Taking online galleries into a complete other realm, Digital Curator walks us through the history and importance of art throughout time, all while displaying numerous examples and related data in a visually-stunning interactive layout…

And finally, cashing in on the foreshadowing above, for all you nostalgia nerds out there, takes us on a wonderful journey through the life and times of MS-DOS

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