It’s funny, for the longest time I thought IE supported text-shadow natively… huh.

Fortunately, IE Filters are here “to save us” once again.

While none of the filters look particularly good, there are a couple that can be used to create a couple different looks.

The Options

  • Internet Explorer Filters


    • Pure, valid CSS, no JS, no HTC, no tricks, no hacks!
    • IE8 offers vendor prefix (-ms).
    • IE6/7 use non-proprietary filter, so can easily put that into IE-only stylesheet.
    • For better or worse, IE6, 7, and 8 are pretty stable as they are, and so it is pretty easy to know which does, and doesn’t, do what.
    • Easy to target specific browser versions if using HTML5 Boilerplate <head> conditional comments.


    • Fairly limited set of filters, and most look pretty crappy.
    • filter is invalid, so stylesheets will not validate, if you care about that.
    • At least one more line of CSS for each feature…

The Bottom-Line

Use filters, or nothing at all.

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