Monthly Archives: March 2009

Testing if a JavaScript Function Exists in IE

Oh IE, how I doth loathe thee… In an attempt to work around the impending JavaScript breakages that IE8 and InPrivate Browsing will soon bring to many sites around the web 1, a major IE bug-a-boo has been encountered… So … Continue reading

Browser Compatibility Testing from PPK

From Mr. Compatibility himself, PPK, comes an amazing collection of compatibility tests. Happy testing, thanks for the referral, Dan, Atg Top⇪

Guide for Developing Using a Fluid Grid

Its been a long time since I had the patience to deal with (or even think about) fluid grid designs, but this article, written by Ethan Marcotte for A List Apart, is well worth the read! From the ratio the … Continue reading

A nice example of Transcendent CSS… And now, how about an explanation of Transcendent CSS? Keep on smiling, Atg Top⇪

Today’s Readings

And now for a little trip down HTML4-Memory-Lane… Happy coding, Atg Top⇪

New Font Replacement Technique

Until @font-face catches on, this looks to be a pretty slick alternative to sIFR. Though this does still leave your/your clients’ font files vulnerable to the vicious font thieves of the world… Anyone ready to dive in??? Happy fonting, Atg … Continue reading

How Web-Safe is Your Font Stack?

A recent newsletter from SitePoint brings to light a couple of fonts I would have not thought to be “web safe”: Palatino, anyone? While none of the “new” options are 100%, I was quite surprised to see several fonts with … Continue reading