Monthly Archives: April 2009

Obscure Safari 3.x Rendering Bug

This was brought to my attention by a colleague, Stephen Tang, so I’ll let him tell the story: I found an obscure rendering bug in Safari 3 when whitespace or a line-break appears in the inline box with side padding … Continue reading

How to Build APIs and Why It Matters, by Google

From the Masters-of-APIs themselves, comes an insightful presentation on how to create APIs. A worthwhile read for anyone needing to create one.  Or just interact with other people, for that matter… Thanks, Alla! Happy APIing, Atg Top⇪

Apple Safari Browser for Windows PC

Continuing on my last post’s theme, developers have to always develop for multiple browsers on multiple operating systems (OS).  Typically, in order to develop a website and ensure that it works properly in both a Windows OS and a Mac … Continue reading

A power saving idea for PC users

Help save the planet, and save a few bucks! Here is a nice “lifehack” that can easily be applied to Windows XP PCs to help save power. Use this when there isn’t enough time to power down, and you have … Continue reading

Test if a File or URL Exists or Check Last Modified Date

Jim Ley writes a very in-depth article about using Ajax calls to test the validity of URLs, test for file existence, or check last-modified dates of files. While the benefits of checking last-modified dates and testing for a valid URL … Continue reading