Monthly Archives: April 2009

More Geekier than Twitter?

If you’re a Twitter user, Blellow may be right up your alley. Blellow is a social networking community for freelancers and creative professionals who answer the question “What are you working on?” I think that says it rather nicely, now … Continue reading

5 Rarely-Used CSS Properties

Craig Buckler writes a nice, quick article for SitePoint listing five (somewhat) rarely used CSS properties. I was pretty familiar with the first three, but the last two are pretty interesting… Happy CSSing, Atg Top⇪

New Font Replacement Technique v.2

A short while ago I wrote about a new font replacement technique, Cufón. In short: Cufón is an alternative to sIFR, which relies on both Flash AND JavaScript to work, but dutifully embeds the font into the SWF, so there … Continue reading

Use a Favicon to “Finish” Your Websites

We’ve all seen them, but we may not know what they’re called: those tiny little graphics that appear to the left of the URLs in our browser location bars, or appear to the left of our Bookmark titles when we … Continue reading

iBlackle – The Environmentalist’s Google

I found this to be a really interesting site.  The site is based on the premise that white pixels (the teeny little dots that create the monitor you’re reading this on) use more energy than black pixels (because pixels that … Continue reading