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Stumbled across a new developer tool,, that grabs and displays all the colors from a single CSS file into an editable color palette.  When I first loaded the CSS file for this site, I have to say I was not that impressed… All I saw was a bunch of colored bars that repesented all the colors from my CSS file.  But when I clicked one of those colored bars, well, that’s when things started to get interesting!  That click opened another page that displayed fully interactive panels for each of the colors from my CSS file, including which line numbers in my CSS referenced that color!  Really nice job, and love the bookmarklet!

Pretty amazing combination of design, fonts, innovative ideas, and brilliant cinematography!

Well, I love the name, the intro paragraph is quite nice, but a manifesto? Le piece de la resistance! People should write manifestos more often these days… Scratch that: people should write manifestos more often these days and mean it!  (Does that mean I have to write a manifesto now?)  (And have I used the word manifesto too many times in this paragraph??)

I think Mark Pilgrim‘s forth-coming book Dive Into HTML5 will become the next Elizabeth Castro‘s HTML4…  Wow, just two sample chapters, and I want it all!

Wow, a recent Ajaxian post pointed me to the Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs, and it is…  You know, just in case anyone out there ever has to deal with any IE6 issues…

Also from the good folks at Ajaxian:

And keeping with the HTML5 theme, here’s a Vimeo from Brad Neuberg of Google describing some of the stronger new aspects of HTML5.  It takes until about 5:10 to really get going, so, over 40 minutes in length, you might want to jump ahead… :-)  The part about SVG and <canvas>, especially when to use which, is quite interesting!

Well, that’s seems like it ought to be enough for today, no?

Happy reading,

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