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CSS Minification, Lighten the Load! Don’t let the title fool you, as far as I can tell, there are no 71 other parts…  :-) Happy minifying, Atg Top⇪

Today’s Readings

For anyone that uses Flickr, Noticings seems like it might be kind of cool… UXers, take note! Top 10 UX Myths… Anyone interested in a little light CSS reading? Well, SitePoint has quite the deal for you: The CSS Anthology: … Continue reading

Getting Ready for HTML5!

Although the first sentence of the article begins with “With support in Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Opera, and Safari”, you can actually start using this with every major browser, including all the IEs, with a little help from JavaScript. This is … Continue reading

Improve your CSS Minification by Alphabetizing

I personally like my CSS declarations grouped together by location within the site (all the CSS for my Home grouped together, all the CSS for my Contact page grouped together, etc.), but this article about alphabetizing your CSS from Ajaxian … Continue reading