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A true hodge-podge today!

From the legend Paul Irish, comes what some may consider a rather boring subject, but when I find I can squeak anything more from my user’s processors, I’m all-in! Check this for loop:
for (var i = -1, len = arr.length; ++i < len; ) {
Pretty slick, no? Thanks, Paul!

So, is anyone out there using @font-face yet???  I know some that think it is really hard, but actually, choosing the font is by-far the hardest part. But the good folks at Soma Design have taken an enormous step toward making font selection much easier with their introduction of FontFriend, now at v2.0. This is an amazing!! With FontFriend, you can open a bookmarklet, select any font (including dragging and dropping new fonts), select attributes for that font, and choose which HTML elements should be affected by that new font.  And all that, “directly in the browser without editing code and refreshing pages.”  Crazy, right?  There is a very short video at the above link that does a far better job of explaining, check it out!

Haven’t talked about HTML5 for a little while, and it’s been even longer for Accessibility, so let’s take a look at Weston Ruter‘s mash-up using HTML5’s audio tag and Google Translate to aid Accessibility. It’s not all the way here yet (there are a few snags that Weston talks about in his post, and I could only get his example to work in Chrome), but it is an exciting feature none-the-less!

And finally, a co-worker recently commented about the horribly declining performance trend Firefox has been experiencing with each new release (often attributed to Firebug, though I usually have Firebug disabled until I need it, so not sure about that), and asked about developer tools for Chrome or Safari. Here’s a short list:

Anyone got anything else they recommend?

Happy reading,

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