Bringing Readability to the Web… One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Seen…

Mr. Zeldman writes about Readability, a bookmarklet that scrapes “what you’re actually trying to read” from a webpage, actually making it an enjoyable reading experience.

You know, what a reading experience should be??

Jeffrey’s example, a Roger Ebert movie review, is more than apt…  It is a c. 1996-style site, nothing terrible, but certainly nothing developed this century.  But click a little Readability into it, and man, it’s like a new world…  I wish I could figure out how to get everything I read via my Blackberry to filter through the bookmarklet…

And for good measure, I tried several other sites (including this post, Zeldman’s own post about Readability, and a article), all with good results. 

Beyond the obvious pleasing readability this brings most of us, I also think this should be considered a seriously powerful Accessibility tool!  Removing all the clutter, increasing font sizes, creating perfect contrast…  This is a serious tool!  I would love to see this merged into a browser as a “feature”, rather than another bookmarklet filling my already-cluttered toolbar…

Happy readability,

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