Stop WordPress from Stripping HTML5 from Posts

This blog is, proudly, HTML5-based.  It’s not much, really, I use the HTML5 DOCTYPE, I use <header>, <section>, <article>, and <footer> in my templates, but I also occasionally want to use things like <aside>, <time>, and perhaps others in my Posts.  But WordPress (or more accurately, TinyMCE) doesn’t like those tags, so it removes them if I switch between Visual and HTML view, which I tend to do a lot.

Tonight, as I was writing about Readability, I finally got irritated enough to go “to the extreme” of actually typing words into a Google search…  I know!

The result was quite gratifying…

Allow me to introduce you to TinyMCE Valid Elements. This WordPress plug-in, once activated, allows you to specify which tags you would like to add to TinyMCE’s “whitelist”. I know, this itself is kind of annoying, that you should have to tell your CMS “no really, I do know what I’m doing”, but at least now I can add elements that natively WordPress/TincyMCE will not allow me to use…

Yes, these computers are slowly teaching us how to use them…

Happy blogging,

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