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A number of improvements come our way from the World of Google, including a clipboard and new save buttons for Google docs, user-feedback upgrades to Google buzz, and continued expansion on what Google Scripts can do.

The jQuery world is a-buzz regarding the release of jQuery 1.4, which brings us improvements in speed as well as two new methods, .delegate() and .undelegate(), which “serve as complements to the existing .live() and .die() methods.”  With these improvements, however, comes the new minified file size of 70.4kb (apparent only 24kb when Gzipped).

And speaking of jQuery, ever wondered what was going on under the hood when you use something like .css()?  Well, now it’s as easy as typing css…  SitePoint‘s Craig Buckler introduces us to James Padolsey who has written the jQuery source viewer.  Nice tool, James!  Source viewer let’s you pick any jQuery function, specify which version of jQuery you want to view, and even let’s you pick a different style for the code viewing panel!  Sheesh!  ;-)

Keeping on the jQuery band wagon, here are a couple Dos and Don’ts that hopefully you, like me, will find a useful tidbit or two.

And, why not, how about a little jQuery .animate() step callback for breakfast? Ben Nadel uses the callback to make some cool momentum animation.

Stepping beyond jQuery, at least partially, a “short” list of useful techniques and how-tos using JS and CSS.

And let’s wrap-up this nearly-all-jQuery-athon post with a nice, friendly jQuery vs. Flash SMACKDOWN!  Check-out these zoomable maps, all done without Flash…  Carsonified tells us about the hows and whysand links to several examples. It’s pretty slick, and no Flash!

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