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The code from Ted Littledale‘s iAd Carousel Navigation makes it seem… not that hard…  Of course, his carousel is intended for an iDevice, but this makes me wonder how hard it would be do something similar for a standard webpage… Hmmm…

And speaking of iDevices, let’s see Jobsy come out with a developer like Project Ares, the new web-based development environment for the Palm Pre!

From our man at AOL, Dave Artz, comes a new image replacement technique that doesn’t break in high-contrast mode!  (I had no idea this was an issue, so special thanks to Dave for noting only pointing out the issue, but then offering a (nearly) perfect solution!)  The is similar to the technique I use to background-position PNG sprites, even in IE6, but Dave’s method would not work with PNGs in IE6 (at least not with PNGs that have transparency), as IE6 can only properly display transparent PNGs via the IE-only filter…  Wonder if the two techniques could be combined…

If you, or someone you know, is interested in a fairly-beginner-level JavaScript course, Kevin Yank, of SitePoint, is hosting JavaScript Live.  The course outline looks fairly basic, but judging by the fact that Kevin Yank and Brothercake are involved, I’d say surely there will be a few golden nuggets here and there…  You might find a few answers to your questions (like, “Will you be using jQuery?”) in the comments of this introductory announcementOh! Did I mention the registration fee is only $9.95???

At least in the back of all of our minds I think we all know that out beloved government is snooping like crazy, right?  We tend to (want to) think that the cold war days are over, so all that cloak-and-dagger-spying-crap must be done with, right?  Of course not…  Ever wondered what kind of information the government actually asks for, and gets?  Well, our friends at Google are now letting us know, with their Government Requests Tool.

Granted, the display looks a little wonky, but the 2011 Ford Fiesta now lets your smart phone display its apps on your dashboard.  Is that a good thing?

And finally, some of these military medical inventions may be a little “out there”, but others, well, way to think outside the box!

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