Afghanistan: Hope for the Future, in the Past?

A recent blog post from Jeffrey Zeldman turned me on to an article titled Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan.  How encouraging.  If not desperately disappointing…

I don’t think its the western garb that makes me think things look so much better in the images presented, I’d like to think it is the author’s descriptions that pluck my heart-strings.  Granted, the author writes of his past, as he remembers it, but the captions from the photos seem to support his statements.  Keep in mind that the book he describes was published by the government then, so there could be a propaganda-type slant as well.  But still, the photos, captions, and author’s memory seem to coincide…

So, what happened?  How does a country fall like this?  Can that happen to any country?  Could it happen to the US?

There are always lessons to be learned in the past, if we bother to look and think.

Happy looking and thinking,

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