Monthly Archives: June 2010

MTA: You Suck

I can’t wait to be an old man sitting on my front porch telling my great-nieces and -nephews about the good old days when city transportation systems used to provide, you know, “transportation”… “LIMITED” as defined by MTA apparently means … Continue reading

Does eCSStender Make CSS3 Work in ALL Browsers?

Still writing CSS hacks for IE6?  Wish you could reliably use things like div.firstclass.secondclass{…}, box-shadow, border-radius, rgba, opacity, transforms and transitions?  Then maybe you should have a look at eCSStender (I assume that’s supposed to be pronounced “extender”?) and the … Continue reading

Is Dell Switching from Windows to Chrome OS?

Articles and Posts are bounding around the web that Dell is considering dumping Windows for Google’s Chrome OS on its laptops. Can’t imagine that Microsoft is too crazy about this, could they be serious, or are they just trying to … Continue reading

Afghanistan: Hope for the Future, in the Past?

A recent blog post from Jeffrey Zeldman turned me on to an article titled Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan.  How encouraging.  If not desperately disappointing… I don’t think its the western garb that makes me think things look so … Continue reading

Paul Irish: 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

An absolute must for any jQuery developer: Paul Irish’s 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source Best if used in conjunction with these: Dave Artz’s jQuery Performance Rules Corey Hart’s 8 jQuery Micro Optimization Tips Okay, there it is! … Continue reading