Does eCSStender Make CSS3 Work in ALL Browsers?

Still writing CSS hacks for IE6?  Wish you could reliably use things like div.firstclass.secondclass{...}, box-shadow, border-radius, rgba, opacity, transforms and transitions?  Then maybe you should have a look at eCSStender (I assume that’s supposed to be pronounced “extender”?) and the growing list of extensions already available.

It smells a little like Dean EdwardsIE7, but seems to go beyond.  Well beyond…

According to their home page:

“Extensions built with eCSStender greatly simplify the design process because you can author modern CSS using advanced selectors, properties such as border-radius, or custom font faces and rest assured that your design will work… even in IE6.”

Does that “even in IE6” bit mean that these new CSS3 features should work in any browser?  Does that mean I do not need Modernizr and all the forked CSS declarations for the new project I’m working on??

Granted, it is still reliant on JS, but you could conceivably create basic CSS treatments, then use a .js class to indicate all your advanced stuff, which does not completely negate forked code, but it is a lot closer than any other solution I’ve found…

I haven’t tried it yet, but will be digging in soon and will get back with my findings!

Would love to hear of anyone else using this,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many of the extensions are still in development, so you won’t get 100% of CSS3 yet, but the goal is to get it all in there and even Microsoft has expressed interest in what we’re doing with the library, so there’s hope they might be able to help us get the patching done.

    As for the relation to Dean’s work (and that of others), eCSStender is a bit different in that it facilitates doing what Dean did, but for all browsers, not just IE6. It’s a library for working with CSS: enabling both patching of bad browser implementations and allowing for experimentation with new properties and concepts in CSS.

    When you get around to implementing it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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