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I’m not sure if I’d ever grab this to start a new site, but seems like a great playground for testing HTML and CSS, at the very least! What I dig most is that everything is responsive, all the code samples AND the actual site itself!! Nicely done,
SimpleBits, and a shout-out to my good friends in Salem!

Could WP-Remote be the biggest thing to hit fellow WordPressers since multisite? Why yes, I think it just might be! So smart and easy, it’s seriously delicious…

My guess is that you could replace the word “design” in this article title with whatever-it-is-that-you-do, and the same result would hold true…

I consider Dave Artz to be one of the smarter people on the web. And when he writes, I read. Interesting findings on web performance with regards to web fonts. Also interesting to me is how hot the topic of web fonts was in late-2011-early-2012, and how fast it got cold… When was the last time you read an article about web fonts?

And if we’re going to talk web performance, Steve Souders really has to be in that conversation… A recap of web performance for 2011. I guess not surprisingly, is that, aside from Flash, website sizes are mostly increasing: we’re pushing more and more of everything at our users. Sad is the adoption of best practices once you get beyond “biggest and best” websites… Seems like our evangelism only goes so far, and makes me fearful of a widening “best practices divide”… How do we reach those down the list and convince of the benefits of improving their development techniques and practices?

This is great! Even with the above news about web fonts, the reality is that the graphic text is still around, and might even be better for performance if you’re talking low-bandwidth (when you could download a single sprite for multiple fonts rather than multiple font files), but on those mobile devices (I’m looking at you, iPad!), sending your in-page, semantic text off-stage by -9999px absolutely kills you! Nicely done, Mr. Kellum! Once more, seems like I have a lot of CSS files to update…

Thinking about responsive design? I am. And so is Elliot Jay Stocks. He brings us what is basically the designers’ versionof what Richard Rutter gave us a long time ago for responsive font sizes. Love it all.

And speaking of responsive design, thanks Luke (and Ethan :-)!

Every once in a while you come across something that makes you wish you were on a flight to, oh, maybe Mars, so you’d have plenty of time to do nothing but read, read, read

I knew most of these, but there is always something new that developers can learn about Photoshop

I like this technique. Wish it were more practical.

But if the current browser trends continue, it will be soon…

Oof, okay, I think that’s enough for today, what?

Happy reading,

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