Today’s Readings

Okay, I know this has been around for a little while, but 3D printers still just blow my mind…

I am pretty ignorant when it comes to design. As such, I had never heard of Hillman Curtis, sadly, until reading of his passing. This video is a pretty cool introduction. I want to know more.

The Aurora Borealis, from above the Earth… Sweet…

And speaking of space (or sort of, anyway), here’s one more thing to occupy the free time I used to have!

Publishers love the prospect of “rejuvenation” that the iPad and it’s wanna-be-cousins have brought to their world, but I have heard more and more of these types of conversations… Soon, some day soon, even the publishing world will embrace the idea of the One Web

I thought the idea of using fonts for icons went out with the <font> tag, but I am loving the rebirth I am seeing

Google Chrome continues to prove it is by far the best browser for developing… If you’re a developer, and are still using FireFox, you owe it to yourself to give it up. It’s like switching from Notepad to an a real IDE

Ever wanted to help further science while out for a nice leisurely walk or bicycle ride? Me neither, but if you ever do, you can now help document roadkill while you’re out-and-about via the web!

A dead-simple (and therefore brilliant!) code viewer using nothing but CSS

And finally, ever accidentally erased something? Of course. Any chance you had a back-up? Unlikely, but congrats if you did. Ever then discover that the back-up was no good? Oh shit… And ever had all this happen to an animated movie that required some 20-30 people about a year to create? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Toy Story 2… Good thing one of the technical director was a mom!

Happy reading (and watching!),

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