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For all my desingy peeps out there, comes Vitamin T, “The Talent Agency for Digital Creatives.”

Sticking with design (sort of) for a few more seconds, the venerable CSS Zen Garden has turned 10 years old. I know it was certainly an eye-widening experience for me to discover just how powerful CSS could be. I wonder what kind of amazing layouts and tricks such a site would generate today, with responsive being the tech du jour

And speaking of responsive sites, in case you, or someone you love, hasn’t hopped in the pool yet, it is time, and SitePoint is here to help with a multi-part series: Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website From Scratch.

I typically hate articles about “some day you’ll be able to do this” features, because, well, they used to piss me off, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it for a loooonnngggg time… But now-days, with browser versions iterating so quickly, things like what Adobe is doing with page layout could be in our grasp soon… Inspiring…

Like it? Git it.

And speaking of Adobe awesomeness… Wow.

Okay, just one more on the Adobe rant

Okay, seriously, the last one

I can’t imagine someone traveling without a cell phone but somehow having access to a computer, but Friend Dailer still seems like a cool, niche, technology.

A mostly-over-the-top collection of CSS transitions, but a couple are cool looking, and could even be useable…

Now these transitions are a little more practical

And these… are not.

And this doesn’t look all that useful either, but pretty cool-looking tech, nonetheless…

If you share Dropbox folders with anyone (clients, friends, co-workers) then you have encountered a folder that you wish was named something different, but was created, and named, by someone else. I’ve always assumed renaming it would bust the connection, but apparently not!

Cautiously optimistic: A self-hosted RSS reader… Could… Be… Good…

Have you seen the rapidly-expanding Chrome DevTools docs? Think I’ll get my next Bachelor’s Degree on that… :-) Impressive!

Bike even more safely, with a nice, bright LED brake light!

Anyone tried Ghostlab yet?

Apps are so cute…

Got Pong? Fun!

And finally, the Swiss Army Knife certainly still has its place in life, but the USB Utility Charge Tool seems nearly as useful in today’s world…

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