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Ho, you geffum, eh Hawai’i? Way to show the aloha spirit for all of your visitors!! Especially love the Day/Night option in Settings… :-)

The top eCommerce sites in the world are 22% slower than they were last year. Yikes!

Top Alexa Sites Averaging 9.5 Seconds Page Load TimeWhat is going out there, web devs???

And speaking of fatty-bloatnedness, Pitchfork is supposed to have some really impressive parallax scrolling, but as it sat there, downloading more and more and more, I closed it. Maybe you have more patience than I.

The only thing more despicable than some U.S. farming practices is their blatant legal attempts to hide those practices from their customers… If you have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t bother you if people film it, right??

Wow, this must literally be everything there is to know about CSS Selectors

When you feel like you need to get away from it all and unplug, now you can. And still stay plugged in… Do you prefer fire or water?

A pretty cool responsive, open-source lightbox plugin. Shame they didn’t incorporate touch swipe events…

In-depth article about the good, bad, and ugly or infinite scroll. Other than the good point about not being able to ever reach Facebook’s footer, the only real issue I have with it is when sites don’t set markers for click/Back actions, and you have to re-scroll to get back to where you were…

I’ve always loved the concept of all-CSS modals. I think the concept and implementation is really sweet. Used to be a nightmare to cover IE6/7, which this one does not, but then, does anyone any more?

Lots of nay-sayers in the comments, mostly regarding inconsistent OS font rendering or internationalization, but I still think the ligature-approach is a smooth way to graphically replace text.

And finally, for any of you that are old enough to have experienced the 80s, National Geographic has a new video ad that is sure to take you back

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