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I’ve never been a fan of pre-built grid layouts, I feel like there’s always too much “other stuff” included. Then along came the ptb/flexgrid. Looks very promising, with fallback-support as far back as IE6/7, and weighing just 3.6k, including a customized Modernizr build.

While we thought we were being so smart using our fancy JS-based RWD image fixes, we’ve actually been breaking one of the best browser performance enhancements. So, what’s the right method now, other than sitting and waiting for srcset or picture to finally land? The comments suggest a few approaches, but I think all fail in one place or another…

There’s no question that SVG is bad-ass and should be used SO much more than it currently is, especially for cool filters and shapes and stuff, right? But it’s a pain in the ass, right?? Nope, not really.

It’s always fun to (quickly) scroll through lists of old, nostalgic JS oddities. But here’s a list of a few current JS oddities; coder beware!

Though not updated since 1.6.2, this is nevertheless a fantastic way to read through the jQuery source code! I really hope it gets updated to a more current version, though there is arguably more to learn from older version of jQuery, since it was fixing more things…

A lot of very fun animation and interactions!

Clowncar seems an interesting option for responsive images, though not very practical for editorial images… And I love when authors include the problem/solution/thought process in their descriptions, it is so encouraging and inspiring to see others encounter problems, and clearly work to solve them…

I could stare at this for hours

A fine collection of coding style standards.

From James Edwards (Brothercake) comes a clever tactic to synch a video and audio track to aid with accessibility.

And lest you think low-vision isn’t an issue on the web, check out the latest low-vision survey from WebAIM.

You’ll likely know most of these, but it can’t hurt to have a quick scan, never know when you’ll find some previously-unknown performance nugget!

Sweet animations, nicely educational, and deeply depressing

Hmm, the download attribute, how did I not pick-up on this earlier? Like the type="email" or type="url HTML5 enhancements, there is really no drawback, as browsers that don’t support it will simply do things the same stupid way they’ve always done things. Love!

Camping. I know lots of people that don’t do it, but they should. It’s a great way to get away from life, get back to basics. THere’s something very primitive, yet soul-charging about sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the wood crackle, watching the sparks fly, and the flames dance. <sarcasm>And now you can charge your cell phone while you’re doing it!!!!!!!</sarcasm> Ugh…

I’ve heard about plenty of Google Reader replacement options, and I’ve tried nearly all of them, yet none so far has provided me with exactly what I want, which is an exact replacement for Google Reader… There is still hope, as Digg takes a stab at being relevant again

Hmm.. I have to say, morphees are a great concept, but I think the promo video was a little ahead of its time…

And finally, take a fun scroll through “what could have been” in some of your fave movies & TV shows… As bad as some were, they could have been worse… :-)

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