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The idea of adding ARIA support to a site can be mind-numbing prospect, but here’s a list of the “main” parts you should be adding. Hopefully after getting solid with these, you’ll be ready for the rest of ARIA

I’m not sure another “everything you need to know about CSS” site was needed, but if someone was going to make one, it should be CSS Tricks

And speaking of CSS Tricks, a few good tips here for smaller-screen development.

Regardless of the browser you use, if you’re a web developer, you use [whatever-your-browser-calls-the-developer-panel]. They all do some of the same things, but all do most things slightly differently, naturally. Now you can find out all the cool tricks in all the various browser dev panels.

A thorough walk-through of 3D Transforms.

And speaking of CSS animations, a cool collection of several here!

K, just one more, some fun hover effects.

It took me a little while to realize that article on Browser Busy Indicators was more than just a collection of who-does-what. The idea behind it was that, with all of the possible ways we developers can do something, knowing how various browsers react to all those possible ways might help determine which will be the best experience for our users.

And one more from Steve, a slick Bookmarklet that he created to turn any table in any page into a sortable, customizable table. Sweet!

I’ve written before about gadget chargers that run off of fire and water, so now here’s one that work while you’re sleeping!

A thorough article on how to create CSS-only responsive images. Not practical in a large, production site, but possibly suitable for your next hand-crafted beauty!

A series of cool modal and button effects. There is also a section titled Page Transitions, but it’s empty for me…

From Velocity 2013, Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path for Instant Mobile Websites. Okay, not instant, but you know…

So, this is the one I’ve been waiting for: an Explore and Master Chrome DevTools course. Now, the time to watch and master it all… :-)

And as a teaser for the course, here’s a really enlightening video with and live reviewing several websites, digging into in DevTools, Timeline, continuous paint, WebpageTest, layer promotion, Flame Chart, offering tips & suggestions, making live-code changes, and all the while sucking back a couple cold Becks… Nice life, guys… :-)

I thought one of the cuter sites reviewed in the video was Meet the Ipsums, a series of subject-based Ipsums, you know, in case you’re, like totally bored with Lorem.

Finally, here is the collection of DevTools tidbits (or snippets, if you prefer) to help make your coding and debugging life better. Thank you!

And just to fully shove Chrome down your throats, provides a brief screencast on how to use DevTools Workspaces for in-browser editing & saving. A couple cool enhancements follow in the comments so be sure to read those as well. I’m convinced!

And while we’re speaking of the good work coming out of Mountain View… :-) If your sites do not use SPDY, and you’re having trouble convincing people that it is worthwhile, remember: money usually talks, and this article should help explain the money SPDY can save

Lot of name-dropping in this post, so here’s one more… Quick bit from pointing out one of his “bugbears”, video feeds that seem backwards, and how to fix it.

Nine videos from CSS Day. Enjoy!

A beautiful WebGL demo of the moon, just sitting there, in space, getting lighter and darker. Oh, and you can zoom in and out. Full screen is nice, then zoom in. “Houston, we’re coming in for a landing…” Better view than they had, and not quite as nerve-wracking

Some quick fun with JS Array .apply and .map. Whew hew!

The last thing I want to know is how Date for Humans works. I’ll just be happy that it does…

Need more options to do your every day web dev work? Well luckily for you, has created Web Tools Weekly, an email newsletters highlighting the best and brightest new tools to hit the stage!

Sweet little page scroll effect.

And finally, the most thorough, geektastically geeky infographic for sci-fi movie computer interfaces. Enjoy!

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