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Some seriously cool <input> modifications, and all just CSS…

Multiplane Design with SVGs and CSS 3D Transforms. Indeed! Made me really wish I could scroll further into those mountains… Nice effect!

If someone as brilliant as can be befuddled by something like WordPress security, it sure makes me feel better about m’self.. :-) And his tips on securing his WP site makes mine feel a lot better about itself

The Holy Grail of CSS: Absolute Horizontal And Vertical Centering In CSS

Use Chrome DevTools? Want to use it faster? Then you’re in luck! Found that link on this list of Tools. I tell ya, it’s like Christmas up in here!!

Want cool-looking text effects? Not afraid to use a little SVG to help get you there? Then you’re in luck!

And how do you feel about using WebGL to make cool 3D effects?

Really like most of these navigation effects!

Also really like these “jelly” navigation effects, they feel very natural.

If you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it.

The article is titled “Creating High-Performance Mobile Websites, but I found the sections on monitoring and measuring much more enlightening than the sections on trying to improve speed. YMMV.

Another installment from the chaps involved with the recent BBC re-write. An interesting technique, not all that different than others we’ve seen, and I need to read more to find out what happens sans-JS, but nevertheless, it is always nice to see people sharing their hard work to the world. Cheers, BBC!

And when it comes to “proper” methods for handling responsive images, I’ve always loathed srcset a lot more than picture, but at this point I’ll take anything that knocks on the door. And suddenly WebKit is knocking.

As pretty as Flock is to look at, you might see these experiments as “yeah, that’s great, I’ll try to remember it next time the boss asks for a group of flying birds in the middle of an article”, but the beauty is first realizing that someone just made a group of bird-like things fly around the screen, following my mouse as I move it, then viewing the source and seeing how nicely organized and configured it is, then finally digging into the code and trying to realize just how those birds determine where they’re flapping to next. Fun.

Great combination of video, CSS, JS, and informative graphics!

I had not heard of @viewport before, probably because it is currently only supported by IE10+ and Opera (and even then, vendor-prefixed), but the idea, and possibilities, could be quite intriguing

While tablet-focused, this usability test could (and should) be considered for all designs, mobile or otherwise!

If, like me, you’re trying to get acquainted with the world that is Node.js, then this little Express.js tutorial might be a fun dabble…

Aspect-Oriented Programming: A slick approach to adding behavior to a pre-existing JS object, without having to edit that object itself, or all of the implementations of that object.

jQuery sky-rocketed to near-instant fame based on its selector engine: if you understood CSS, you understood how to select elements in jQuery. HTML(.js) offers a slightly different, but still quite intuitive, syntax, for accessing, and interacting with, the DOM. And at just ~2.7kb…

The Companion Bike Seat. Like!

A truly cool (albeit just slightly hack-like) SVG fallback implementation using the image (no, I did not just mistype img) tag.

And, from , a more thorough walk-through the above, and other, SVG fallback options.

Pay for your NYC taxi ride via ultrasound. Great news for NYC’s taxi-riding whale population!

scope and context; do you get the difference?

Gorgeous, and depressing, views of Earth from orbit.

Ever wondered what it must have been like to have been there in the early days of something like Google, or Amazon? Wonder no more.

And finally, ever wonder what 1 second on the Internet looks like? Now you know… Would also like to see the section for “Skype calls dropped”… ;-)

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