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Use one remote debugging tool for all browsers? That would be nice.

How about a little more remote debugging goodness?

Or how about nearly-every-option-under-the-sun-in-a-single-presentation???

But I think Addy might have missed one or two of these options

Or perhaps you’d just prefer to use Chrome DevTools Screencasting… Um, wow…

Now how about some performance monitoring?

Ever want to build your own Chrome Extension? Me too, but never quite got around to it. But maybe Extensionizr will give me the kick to get it started!

The U.S.’s took plenty of knocks when it first launched. And for months after. They should have simply hired these three kids!

And speaking of the U.S. government, if you don’t hate them already, this shit will push you right over the top! That’s billion, with a b

Typically, if I see something on CSS Tricks, chances are I’m going to read it. Right? But I hesitate when I see something like Web Components, which I know won’t be “realistic” for some time. But with half a Gin-n-Tonic in me, chillin’ on the couch, I decided to go for a read. Great article, inspiring. Especially when you get to the disheartening chart, that is followed by this quote:

But don’t let the table discourage you from using them! The smarties at Mozilla and Google have been hard at work building polyfill libraries which sneak support for Web Components into all modern browsers!

Go on…

And then HTML5 Rocks went on, digging into HTML Imports… Man, plain-old-boring-just-sit-there-and-do-nothing-exciting HTML sure is getting exciting…

Speaking of HTML Imports, let’s see what Mr. Souders has to say on the subject, shall we?

From “Dr.” Bruce Lawson comes a year-end round-up of the incredibly fluid world that is images on the web… (November 12 isn’t too early to call it “end of the year” is it??) Nice way to catch-up, thanks Bruce! ;-)

And just in case you need a little more to read about images, Yoav Weiss has another fine round-up

Quite lengthy, very thorough, DOM event article from Smashing Magazine. Go get your capture, target and bubbling on!

And speaking of Smashing Magazine, Vitali hopes to help coax us to stop using the phrase responsive web design, and return to just start calling it web design again… Under either name, here are some tips and tricks for doing it.

And while we’re on the topic of don’t-call-it-responsive-web-design-anymore, let’s talk about…

Sound fun??

Scrolling snap points will be great, when we can finally use them… Why do we always have to wait around for IE– wait, what??

Doing some crazy-cool animation on-screen? If so, you’re likely using <canvas> or webGL, right? Not SVG??

Did you know you could namespace events in jQuery? Me neither…

Been avoiding <flexbox> until things “settle down”? Me too. Well, avoid no more

Bunch of new ways to increment CSS values up/down while in DevTools… Love the Alt+↑/Alt+↓ for decimal changes, have been wanting this for a long time!

I’ve been in love with the CSS pseudo-class :target for some time, be it for pure-CSS deep-link highlights or ultra-cool pure-CSS overlays, but I’ve always wondered how well-supported this was, and now I can feature test it

And from the Whaaaaaa??????? files, comes thisWhaaaaaa???????

From Velocity Europe, comes the slides from Addy Osmani’s Rendering Performance Case Studies presentation. Watch, learn, do.

This talks goes on a bit, but the concept of designing with animation is a great one, only wish I had more designy-stuff in my head…

Love all the cool stuff we see people doing with WebRTC (beyond just “a better Skype” (which would be great!)), and as a semi-reformed drummer, I had to check-out Whiteboard Drum, and you should too. Just don’t be an impatient ass like me, actually scroll past the demo to the video and find out how to make it work first, then check out the demo. Much cooler that way… Really impressive.

Then I saw (♭)ox, which is exactly what I have had in the back of my head for only, oh, 3-4 years now? I’m glad somebody finally got in there and did something about it! (Oh, and did I mention that I am only semi-reformed?? That’s right..·)

Time for the Daily JS Developer Quiz again! Well, nearly time, but you can help with that!!

Etcha-Sketch, in <canvas>. Need I say more? Maybe that it’s an IE11 thing? (Kind of a dick-comparison to Chrome, but I guess after the last forever-years of dick-comments about IE, some people feel the need to dick-back… :-)

From PPK comes the results of his recent Media query/RWD/viewport survey. Interesting, until he starts peppering the results with “but that doesn’t work because ____”… Then it just gets depressing…

What’s the difference between a website and a web app? Should they share any design principles, or should they be very different? This recent Codrops article discusses the topic in depth, offering thoughts, ideas, and raising quite a few questions.

12 Awesome CSS3 Features That You Can Finally Start Using. You could argue whether all of them could be used today or not, but… there they are.

Use Chrome DevTools for debugging? Of course you do. Ever use console.table()? Did I just make your eyebrow raise??

Did you think I was actually going to recreate Tetris in CSS? Sorry, no. Nobody needs to do that.

Are you sure? (Okay, it’s not just CSS, but it is just 30 lines of JS!)

Know any coffee-addict photogs that deserve a present in the next few weeks? Pretty sweet idea here

And finally, if you’ve ever wondered why some great ideas fail, and some shitty ideas succeed, wonder no more… Thanks for the link, Marianne, inspiring indeed…

Happy reading,

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