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So Long, Egon.
So Long, Egon. Copyright © 2014 Megacynics Inc.

With the untimely death of Harold Ramis, this hour-long interview with Bill Murray seems a little more poignant…

Nanomotors controlled inside living human cells for the first time

Anyone else get a chill from that headline??

SVG icons, or font icons? If you need more than one color, people typically lean toward SVG. Stackicons gives font icons a color-filled boost, and makes a compelling argument for no-SVG.

And then consider the flip-side of that argument

Wow, just when you think you’re sick of parallax scrolling sites, something steps up and WOWs! The actual site hung a few times for me, and “paused” here and there, but for what it is doing, I am not surprised. I feel like it is still trying to mimic what Flash does better, but at this point we’re nearing mini-movies, really! I mean, I’m gonna need a director, a producer, storyboards…

And while we’re at it, here’s an interesting technique for animating your parallax effect: manipulating the root em.

I always scour through ‘s Reading List posts to see if I can harvest any items for these posts, but this time, there was so much good stuff, I’m just linking to it wholesale

I was sure I had mentioned s technique for detecting the end of a CSS animation, but can’t find a record of it….

A pretty cool idea for a panoramic image “gallery”.

When people talk about a “single-page JS app”, they really mean a bunch of mini-apps chained together via mini-page-refreshes. But what if you really had to make a single-page JS app, something that could stay open for hours, and must remain snappy throughout? Well listen to what it’s like, it’s about as much “fun” as you might expect…

I have to admit that I was not familiar with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy before, but they have my attention now

…the answer to slow wireless service… new type of wireless antenna… creates a miniature “bubble” of wireless connectivity around every device… solving congestion even in busy areas like sports stadiums and city centers… ambitious attempt to reinvent the wireless network…

Every piece of the intro to this article makes me want to hear more!

Static mocks are supposed to be going the way of “DHTML”, but they’re still hanging around… Why? Because in-browser design doesn’t work that well for most designers (read: those that can’t code), and typical interactive prototypes (read: JPG backgrounds with a bunch of JS sitting on top of them) still requires more developer than designer. So, designers, you tell me, does this article about creating interactive prototypes with Illustrator help?

I need to read more about GSS Gridsheets after coffee, but for now I am intrigued…

From the makers of King of the Hill, Office Space, and Idiocracy, comes Silicon Valley. Looks like kind of a mixture between The IT Crowd and Workaholics. Which certainly does make it bad.

Is there anything web-related that is less thought about than print CSS? I don’t think so. But for a tiny little bit of effort, you can really polish off your projects for the large number of people that actually do print, the web…

And finally, I’ve always admired ASCII art in the sense of “wow, that must have taken WAY more time than anyone should have committed to such a task”, but I can appreciate this ASCII art even more, since it happened before ASCII was even a thing

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