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Hot on the heels of Steve Souders’ localStorage performance piece, comes this nice “how to implement localStorage in the wild” article.

I’ve been a big fan of the power of WebGL since I learned about it, but shy away when I start thinking about its practicality (just not well supported yet). But things like interactive, real-time visualizations in WebGL are the kind of things that make you think about pushing boundaries…

Google provides a few tips on making infinite scroll more search friendly. Unfortunately it doesn’t do a very good job of handling the “I clicked something, then hit the back button” scenario any better than Facebook does…

Anyone that uses Skype on multiple computers knows the pain of the message syncing issue. Supposedly this has been solved. Update.

Paper or plastic? I know, one of the tougher questions of our time… (Not really, the answer is canvas, but that doesn’t fit with this story.) Well, researchers have finally found a good use for your plastic bags: Stuff them in your gas tank.

Nice intro primer of CSS 3D objects and animation.

And speaking of 3D, what is it about these little white lines that makes these images leap out of my monitor??

@codepo8: Type OK Maps into GMaps on iOS or android and it caches the area in view for offline browsing. Nice!

Ever get bored on your public transit commute? Make new friends. No, literally make new friends.

I don’t work with static content very often, and with tabular data even less often, but I can remember having to copy/paste from Excel, then manually paste an HTML table around static, tabular data, and it sucks. Tableizer will make that a LOT easier! A nice (pretty minor) enhancement would be offering optional thead, tbody, and even tfooter, so tr class="tableizer-firstrow" wouldn’t be necessary. 2.0, maybe.

Like data-URIs? Who doesn’t, right?? Hate making them? Maybe. Normally I use, but Chrome just made it a lot easier

It’s like a Roomba for your yard. If your Roomba recharged itself from all the crap it sweeps up!

Scientists with the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced today that they have achieved a critical step in fusion research: For the first time, their hydrogen fuel has given off more energy than it took in.

Still nowhere near a viable energy source, I still follow such steps with bated breath, knowing one day fusion energy will replace pretty much all energy sources…

Speaking of alternative power, how cuckoo-crazy-pants-looking is this solar array?

I happen to think the pyramids in Cairo are about as inspiring as it gets, and pretty much hate people doing stuff they’re not supposed to do, but I have to admit that the views these photographers captured are incredible

Okay, how James Bond is Labcase? (Or, would it have been, like 12-or-so years ago… ;-) )

An astounding number of characters flying around in response to three stupid little lines. But, hey, it’s good to see people actually thinking about interfaces, and not just slopping shit on a screen!

does an expectedly thorough job of discussing Ajax solutions to add seldom-used content to your pages. Gets even more powerful if you can make this part of your RESS implementation!

Then shit gets really crazy if you can go all Multithread.js on that shizzle!

I loved the Dune series from . I was less-crazy about the movie. It was okay for its time, but it wasn’t as good as this version would have been

Okay, the Kenguru is as brain-dead-simple as it gets; how has it taken this long???

Suddenly, I am awash with animation articles!

This is disturbing… Walls are suddenly liquid… The ground, as if it were a cloud beneath my feet…

And finally, it makes total sense that it doesn’t, but I am thoroughly surprised that Google Translate can’t translate Duj tlvoqtaH, you know, as an Easter Egg type thing…

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