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I wrote in my last post about direction-aware hovering, now taking that a step further, into stickers! (As I scrolled down and started hovering over the browser icons, I thought something was broke, then I realized those were, erm, just browser icons, not stickers… :-( )

‘s work with iScroll was ground-breaking when it first came out, and his contributions to making “swipey” and “scrolly” things work on the early mobile devices are undeniable. So when he writes an article about mobile performance, I read, and so should you.

Anyone fancy a stroll across the ocean floor? Wow, dive suits have certainly changed since the one I had for my G.I. Joes!! :-)

How do you horizontally-center your varying width, inline elements? There are many options, see if yours is listed, or if you can find a better solution.

Wow, for “the basics” of CSS Blends, this sure is a long article

The same day that I chatted with a co-worker about the early days of mobile phones, I happened across this video: 40 Years of Cellphone. 40 years????

Via comes news of PJAX, which is basically a build on top of his Hijax, but adding pushState into the mix. Makes a lot of sense!

Follow the rabbit hole into the land of CSS Perf, a series of performance tests by that compare various implementations of similar CSS features (e.g. grid layout: float vs. inline-block vs. table vs. flexbox, etc.). then does a video review of it.

And speaking of CSS performance, offers his own tests.

And speaking of Mark Otto, he also offers Code Guide, for those who do not currently have a code style guide, or are looking for input on their existing one. Like it, even though I am a tab-not-spaces kind of guy, at least he offers a rationale for preferring spaces…

Responsive Post Preview WordPress plugin: “Adds the ability to view your posts and pages at different viewport sizes with a click of a button.” Pretty slick idea. And though the plugin currently offers only two new Preview buttons (essentially “phone” and “tablet”), I could see this easily being expanded, even offering an admin page where devs could add their own device matrix.

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Me too! Ever wondered what it would look like, from the perspective of a pelican’s beak, look back at the pelican? Me neither. But now I know, and it’s pretty damned cool…

Ever wonder what the “dot” above a lowercase “i” is called? Wonder no more

“Horizontal scroll”… Done shivering? Well, some times you might actually want it (think slider/gallery type modules). Here are several tips to make it work nicely & easily.

And finally, as either a throw-back for those that were there, or a scare-tactic for those that weren’t, web development in the 90s was a lot different than it is today… You kids have no idea! :-)

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