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On the 25th anniversary of the blessed Internet, a few words from the man that created it

And a few other choice articles on the subject…

And while we’re talking about awesome people doing awesome things, I truly cannot explain how giddy I was to learn of, and then watch, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reboot of the famed Cosmos television show!

And just as cool, I think, is the Facebook page I Fucking Love Science, reportedly getting their own television show too!!

How fucking cool is it, that science is becoming so fucking cool??? :-)

So cool, in fact, that even the billionaires are getting in on the action, with first Tim Cook, then Richard Branson, formally asking climate-change deniers to shut up and go away. Like.

I really hate having to call “that navigation icon thing” a hamburger icon, preferring only slightly more the navicon, but now some actual testing says maybe it isn’t the “great indicator” we thought it was

And now I present someone else presenting an entire slew of CSS variations for headings and sub-headings in your web-based long prose…

earn Advanced HTML & CSS with one useful guide. And it does appear to be that, impressive!

A complete breakdown of the CSS support for every popular mobile, web and desktop email client on the planet.

All I can say is thank God I do not have to deal with email… Mobile is bad enough…

Or maybe we just need simpler emails

When I use a framework without reading the documentation… Yup.

Need to verify exactly which browser your client is having trouble with? Now it’s pretty easy

Want animations? Hate Flash? Check-out Animatron. Wow, all HTML export, the examples I inspected were all canvas, and were embedded as iframes.

If you’ve ever created a scroller using JS, and that scroller contained form elements, and people tried to use those form elements on mobile, then you know what true horror is. Select Switch is a good idea for solving the select element, but I have to say it’s odd not seeing all the options available, and it could turn into a pretty horrid experience itself for long lists, like a list of countries, for example. I’ve recently used Bootstrap and think they do a nice job.

The Segway became a joke and then disappeared so fast, that I actually think it was a shame. They do seem practical as a mid-distance alternative to walking and driving. But the YikeBike has got it beat hands down! Thanks to for the pointer!

A nice, easy-to-read dig into performance issues, and the solution, for position: fixed elements.

Ever have a grid that leaves odd-numbered items hanging below the grid at certain breakpoints? You almost surely have. Well, has a solution for you, and it involves flexbox

Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis. Those are two people you do not expect to see in the same room together, let alone in the same conversation together. But how about the same comedy bit together? Oh yeah…

Icon images, fonts, or SVGs? Chris comes back again to make a pretty solid case for SVGs. I use icon fonts for the social thingies on this site, but I’m not in love with them. But to change to SVG, I’d have to, you know, learn how to make SVGs… :-|

Or really dig in and find a way to make them all with nothing but pure CSS

And finally, a couple Star Wars toys, first for the younger audience, and then for their parents

Happy reading,

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