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Okay, so I guess I’m stuck having to call the common-3-line-navigation-icon-thingy a hamburger icon… fine. But at least now we can make the hamburger dance

The “final” word on one h1 per page or multiple.

Grid Style Sheets appear promising, though I’ve not had a chance to play; has anyone?

In “a former life” I almost had to implement one of those before-and-after image slider thingies. At the time I was glad I didn’t have to tackle it, but this article kind of makes me wish I had to now

I don’t know that having tilted-content in a slideshow makes the content any more appealing (perhaps the opposite), but it certainly is more fun than a typical slideshow…

Fixed-width? Fluid-width? Responsive? Mobile first? How about Device agnostic? I like that vision…

If you have ever coded a single JS function, you have likely debugged JS. And while hopefully we’ve all moved beyond the days of alerts in exchange for console.log, there is a lot more to DevTool-type console panels! Check a few lesser-known JS debugging methods, and then check out Debug Utils, from the same author. Promising, and inspiring!

And while you’re debugging, and naturally finding all your bugs, why not fix them right in the console, while you’re debugging? Sweet…

Got jQuery? So many do. But do you really need all of it (especially if you are considering your mobile users), or are you really just using it to help traverse & manipulate the DOM? Zepto got some pretty good traction as an alternative, but I really like the look of this seemingly unnamed 100 lines of code.

json:select(): “CSS-like selectors for JSON.” Freaking awesome idea!

And finally, on the heals of the incredible Cosmos TV show re-boot, we are now gearing-up to “witness a supermassive black hole consuming a gas cloud“!!! Oh man… :-)

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