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I think we’ve all had to add a drop-shadow that had intersecting lines, right? Nice approach!

SVGs are awesome, no doubt, but most editors create files that are bloated with extraneous cruft. So, optimize them! Nice little collection of tools listed along the left-side of the page, including one that taught me wat the heck a Pinyin is.

Dolphins are also awesome, no doubt, and a CSS-only-spinning-and-swimming dolphin is just freaking rad!!!

Now that we’ve all mourned the death of picture and resigned ourselves to learning the horrible srcset syntax, it appears that picture has found its way back from the dead! Interesting historical read, but I’m a little frustrated by the lack of code sample, or at least a link to one, for the “new and improved” syntax…

On the heals of all my geeked-out excitement over the new Cosmos TV show, reports indicate that scientists may have found gravitational waves that occurred “[a]pproximately 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds after the Big Bang,” when the brand new universe “suddenly went through an accelerated expansion that drove it to become one thousand quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion times bigger than it previously was.” Most of that article makes no sense to me; this article from Science magazine helps some…

Most of the these performance and optimization techniques are well-trodden, but as with most articles about “the basics”, I feel like a quick scan will always reveal something new. For me, I can always use a little more exposure to the “why”s and “when”s of design patterns…

Cool, quick video on how to write modular CSS animations and chain them together.

As long as we’re learning our CSS animations, here are a few inspirations for your next transition need

And why not, here are a few more

We’ve likely all heard about CodeKit, but the changes included in version 2.0 are drawing me nearer and nearer to actually investing in it…

A nice collection of UI component samples, all with CodePen demos for your sampling pleasure!

And here are several UI feedback samples for you too. No CodePens here, but they do got a GitHub for ya.

And as long as we’re throwing these UI symbols all over our sites, we might as well know whence they come.

Responsive design solves all kinds of modern web design problems, but brings with it some problems, too, like how to deal with images, and how to deal with data tables. Solutions for images are still in the works, but I think data tables are solved quite nicely. I have used this CSS Tricks version before with very good cross-device results.

I recently had to implement one of those off-screen navigation menus. We just used Bootstrap. But here are several more-inspired options.

From the famed Filament Group comes a polyfill to fix position: fixed. Doesn’t work very well on my Android 2.3.5, but then not much does…

InstantClick does a lot of things. One of them preloads pages when you hover. Now they also start preloading on touchstart, respecting the various OS tap-delays, so that after a click is confirmed, that click can resolve more quickly. Huh.

flexbox is still a hot mess “in the wild”, but it is getting closer, so here’s yet another tutorial on how to implement it.

And finally, we all know GoPro cameras are awesome, but how much awesomer would they be if Superman strapped it on and went for a flight??? Yeah…

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