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Another fine example of how to implement flexbox on a real-world site, with the proper fallbacks for older browsers.

Aside from being aware that they exist, I’ve been kind of ignoring web components so far, until they get better support. But if you’re ready to dive into the deep-end, this article from Dave Walsh should help you get started. I especially love the power of the extend / is combination!

A web-based WebGL image editor. Upload, edit, save. Nice!

A really impressive demo of… apparently something to do with CSS… I hate to pick on this one developer, but I see this fairly often, and it just floors me: you spend all the time & energy to create something that you think is awesome, pub it to the web and promote it, but then give the user no idea what they’re supposed to be seeing or doing… Maybe it’s just me…

Chainless electric bike folds up to fit under your desk, doesn’t look dorky.” As the old saying goes, “dorky is in the eye of the beholder,” and I have yet to work somewhere that was cool with me bringing my street-ridden bike into the office and to my desk, but I love the innovation!

The 101 Most Useful Websites. Wow.

And thanks to for the pointer, and for this nice little vidcast for mass-converting non-linked URLs into linked URLs.

Mobile, sun-absorbing, woven-fabric, disaster shelters

Scientists can now see back to almost the very instance that the Big Bang happened

And speaking of space, astronomers have now found an asteroid with a ring! Somebody wants to grow up and be just like Saturn!!! ;-)

And how about a new planet[oid] in our solar system?

Holy crap, these doctors are talking about suspended animation (albeit, briefly suspended).

10 vital OSX keyboard shortcuts.” Not sure if they’re all vital, but Shift + highvolume and Shift + lowvolume (adjusting the volume without the quack) are alone worth the price of admission…

All the big names are behind this new initiative to give the web a proper database. Thanks to for the pointer.

And finally, why did need an entire orchestra to play the Star Wars theme, when one guy on a Wurlitzer seems to do just fine?

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