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A nice intro to WAI-ARIA, covering what it is, what it is not, and what it can and can’t do. Well worth a read, even if only skimming for “bits” you might not already know.

Wow, I thought this article about srcset would be another light, cursory-level read; nope. Instead it’s a thorough deep-dig into the hassles of responsive images, how we got where we are, and where we are hopefully about to go: srcset + sizes.

I’m always nervous when it comes to WYSIWYG editors… The promo video says this one outputs “clean” responsive code; okay. And with a name like CoffeeCup, it has to be delicious, right? (Most innovative part of the UI, I thought, was the visual breakpoints.) Would love to hear if anyone has tried this, and what they thought.

And as long as we’re talking about responsiveness, anyone use Google Charts in their projects? Me neither. But the fact that someone had to write about making their charts responsive really surprises me. Would it kill Google to add an option to make charts responsive themselves??

Initially biofuels looked so good, because, you know, they weren’t fossil-based. But they still produce CO2, and can actually hurt poorer countries… Well, a new process that uses mostly waste, and a different conversion process, claims to actually push more CO2 back into the ground (which is good) than it pushes into the air (continued goodness)… Hmm…

From the title 8 Pure CSS Flat Mobile Devices, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting into. Turns out its 8 mobile devices, rendered purely with CSS; impressive, but not exactly useful. Then I clicked the Marvel link in the description, watched the video, and was blown away! Pretty slick PSD->prototype tool, all driven by Dropbox (including log-in), so any time you update a PSD and save it in Dropbox, your prototype is updated. Even has links you can send to clients!

Being buried in HTML forms in my current work project, I found installments one and two of Forms – The Complete Guide quite informative!

Pretty interesting test comparing render times for display: table versus display: flex. The render time is a definite win for display: table, and with it being better supported, it is the clear winner, but (hopefully soon) we will be able to do so much more with display: flex, that hopefully browser makers will find ways to improve its render speed.

And while we’re waiting for flexbox to stabilize, here is a rather clever approach to getting fluid, equi-height columns with backgrounds.

A nice philosophical read regarding Content-Out Layout, and a bunch of background and supporting resources.

And finally, for the bicycle rider in your life, the ultimate bicycle accessory… At least it’s not a hammock… ;-)

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