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Ok, this has to be one of the best damned things I’ve seen from the Interweb… How often do you need an HTML Entity? And you probably have some page that you’ve bookmarked, that you load, then skim down until you see the thing you need, right? Why not just type something like it, and get exactly what you need?!?! Awesome. I’m done!

New findings: Retail sites that use a CDN are slower than sites that do not!

Or, “How I learned to stop blaming CDNs for my crappy page-load speeds and decided I should learn me some FEO!”

Project Naptha is a Chrome Extension that claims to be able to extract text from images, as long as the text has less than 30-degrees of rotation, allowing you to copy/paste, translate-in-place, or even replace the text (though, not sure what good that does, the new text is not saved into the image). The translate & replace features worked fine for me, but the Copy Text did not… Anyone have other outcomes?

Need a “content loading” indicator for dynamic full-page refreshes? Not often, but if you do, this is a good concept, though I don’t think any of the transitions feel natural… I think I would just do a left/right swipe, but that’s just me… ;-)

Glue is a plugin that joins your shell to Sublime Text in quasi-perfect harmony.


How long will it be until we are comfortable talking to computers? I know I still prefer to type my selections when navigating through a answering system, let alone searching online or working with some other computer interface… But there’s no doubt that for hands-free users, speech recognition is the way to go. So, Voice Elements could at least make it easier to develop the pages when you do want/need it.

Wait, HTML5 has its own Custom Menus?? I don’t know how many “normal” users use them, but this is awesome!!

I mentioned in a recent post how easy it is to create direct links to send SMS, but it relies on the device being able to send SMS, and different devices do it differently. Well, thanks to , you can also easily send SMS via PHP. I guess the tricky part is still getting the carrierDomain part, no user would know this, but, it’s a start! :-)

I mentioned in another post that you can now control your desktop/laptop with your Android phone, so I guess I would be remiss to not mention that you can also do it now with your Windows phone

Pretty fun interview with Nicole Sullivan. Interesting to see how life turns corners for us…

Google Stars… looks like a cross between Pinterest, Dropbox, and, laid out in an image-rich grid

As Google tries to make bookmarks more useful.

I always wondered what’s really inside R2-D2

I’m always skeptical when I see one of those “XX plugins you can’t live without!” type of articles, but I usually still give them at least a skim, cause you just never know where you’re going to find the next gem. And this 10 Plugins to Make Managing WordPress Content Easier actually has a couple cool ones, including one I have used on a client project, and one that we were going use, but the requirement was dropped.

A collection of CSS transitions, which are pretty cool. But what I really want is that page background! I could stare at that for days!

And finally, this would be much, MUCH funnier, if it were not so often… so painfully… true… :-/

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