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Everyone knows who Stephen Hawking is, but I’m not sure that many people outside of a physics department could actually tell you what he did or that much about Hawking himself. We know that he speaks through a computer, we know that he’s largely unable to move, and we know that somewhere along the way, he proved himself to be a genius. But what did he actually do? And how did he wind up this way?

A new biopic about the legend hopes to answer these, and other, questions, can’t wait. I hope it won’t be too Hollywood-ized, but I will watch it anyway…

The great Tuts+ has created a series of tutorials highlighting 50 WP Filters:

  1. The First 10 Filters
  2. 11-20
  3. 21-30
  4. 31-40
  5. 41-50

Got Grunt? Most of us do, so here are 8 ways to improve your Grunt set-up from the good folks at BBC News.

And while we’re grunting away, let’s see how we can use Grunt to open and run PhantomJS, a “headless web browser” that allows you to render a page “without having a visible window” and “see its results in the command line” or “even render snapshots of pages without having to open a browser and do it manually”…

Some really slick drag-and-drop interaction ideas! Going waaaaaayyyy beyond simple highlighted drop zones…

offers ~199 slides on Front-end Tooling Workflows. How many are you taking advantage of?

And another li’l bit of Addy, here is his Advanced CSS Performance Tooling presentation from CSSConf EU 2014.

Hmm, native modal support, via the dialog element… Me like!

A clever animation simulation using nothing more than images, a little JS and a little CSS…

7 CSS Units You Might Not Know About” I’m sure I knew about them all at some point, but have certainly forgotten about some. Though, the examples in this article make me think I should revisit things like ex and possibly ch

Fantastic, practical examples of ARIA, ready for you to use in the wild!

And speaking of a11y, here is a great online site accessibility validation tool, helping us help the Internet be better for everyone!

Proposal for fn.displayName to permanently avoid anonymous function. Love.

This Lossless PNG Optimization You’re Probably Not Using Shrunk One File an Extra 39%

Go on…

My friend forwards a fantastic journey through the universe, scrolling provides scale, and clicking provides deeper insights into our surroundings. A fantastic voyage, indeed! But sadly, it’s Flash… :-(

The Art of UI Animations has some great take-aways, including actual learning-stuffs, like some history, some terminology, and some guidelines/principles/recommendations, and finally some real-world examples. One of those very rare presentations that stands perfectly fine without the presenter being, well, present. Nicely done.

Wow, it’s a style guide guide… Impressive collection!

9 basic principles of responsive web design. Great comparison GIFs that help to illustrate the different options one has while developing, also helping to highlight the pros and cons of each option. Though, I still have a problem with what the author seems to be saying Adaptive Design is: based on the animation, it would appear he is saying that adaptive is JS-driven or something, while I tend to think of Adaptive from the server-side… Am I missing something?

A recent Smashing Magazine Newsletter offered a nice collection of form-helper libraries, a few I like so much I wanted to offer as well:

And finally, I thought this was one of the funnier, albeit crueler, browser comparisons I’ve seen… :-)

Cruel, yet funny, comparison of web browsers
We love you, IE, really we do…

Happy reading,

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  1. Fesh says:

    Just want to let you know that I enjoy these readings and assure you someone’s reading them!

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