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I am an American that currently lives in Germany. And I can tell you first-hand that Germany is doing a lot of things right. So when I read that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is against net neutrality, I was aghast! Then I read her reasons, and was slightly less-so, but am still quite pessimistic that her reasons would hold true over time…

Pagination and lists; HTML doesn’t get much more boring (unless we want to talk about forms, and who does?). But you can have fun with counters!

So you really want to talk about forms? Okay, fine. Let’s at least make it fun by using currentColor and pseudo-elements with our form controls.

A plethora of performance measuring tools, from websites to bookmarks to command line, including Grunt and Gulp… Whew!

The Polaroid camera was iconic. And digital cameras totally ruined it! Well, Prynt is here to try to set things right again…

Flexbox Nav Bar with Fixed, Variable, and Take-Up-The-Rest Elements. Wow, that title’s a mouthful, but the end results is quite nice indeed! Though, in the last section, Chris demonstrates how display: table could be used to provide support for older IE, which looks pretty identical to me… My questions would be: Why not just use display: table in the first place? I realize you can’t do the shuffled order, but I can’t imagine ever wanting to do that anyway…

Great two-part series on modern debugging options & techniques:

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2

Speaking of modern debugging techniques, my good friend , who regularly writes great tutorials on modern web development techniques, has another great piece about using Firefox’s emulator.

With all the hub-bub about Google now indicating “Mobile-friendly” pages in search results, it makes sense to at least run your projects through their Mobile-friendly test tool. Depending on the results, you might also want to consult the crap-load of resources offered on their Web Fundamentals page.

If you’ve been looking for a good AngularJS tutorial, it seems like Treehouse just might have it for you.

Or maybe you’d prefer an alternative, like Zurb’s Foundation for Apps?

icdiff… Would love to see this replace the existing git diff viewer!

A thorough run-down on all the various classes WP natively makes available to you.

9 eye-popping images created purely in CSS3” Impressive, indeed!

And finally, it seems someone was kind enough to write my Christmas List for me! ;-)

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  1. Dominykas says:

    You can totally set git up to use a custom diff tool!

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