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Coloured lightmaps with CSS blend modes. I don’t claim to understand it at all, but impressive-looking none-the-less…

ran some CSS media query tests, seeing whether browsers download linked CSS files when they shouldn’t.

Whether you call it a “dialog”, “overlay”, “pop-up”, “alert”, or just “thingy that jumps up in my face”, these are some good inspirations for making… one of them…

I have always been fascinated with how things work, and Google Maps is no exception. Now you can get a slight peek at how it all comes together

was one of the first Web Dev Gods I worshipped, and he continues to guide the way. His latest article from 24 Ways, Responsive Enhancement, is a nice compilation of several enhancement methods.

Title says it all: There is no fold.

Cool CSS-only, light switch-style toggles!

Or, if you prefer to customize your very own, has you taken care of, including presets for iOS5, iOS4, Android, Windows 8, or custom-roll your own!

A nice collection of real-world issues (and solutions) from adding offline-capabilities to an AngularJS project.

The two mad Googlers themselves, and are here to introduce us to the Time Framing API, which will be coming some day soon from the W3C.

And speaking of W3C APIs, check-out the State of Animation, which, after a brief history lesson, introduces us to the Web Animations, which Chrome and Firefox have already started rolling into their nightlies, and the other guys, well, are working on… But until then, the article even shares some polyfills with us! What a nice article! :-)

The web is finally starting to play nicely with mobile: Google is now telling users which search results they deem “mobile-friendly”, and Android and iOS are finally converting their respective native app webviews into something that can be updated via their app stores, so no more long waits for OS updates! Shucks that’s swell!

Perf.Rocks: Resources that help you build lightning fast websites. But more importantly, .rocks is really a valid top-level domain??? I think it might be time to do a little shopping… for!!!!!

Airbus Unveils Transparent Plane Of The Future For An Incredible In-Flight Experience

Personally, I’d much rather have a glass-bottom plane, but would easily settle for enough leg-room in Coach so I do not have numb feet when I arrive somewhere…

I was reading this article on ordered lists from and was inspired to play with another option for ordered (or their un- cousins): making comma-separated, inline lists… The HTML would be something like this:

JS Fiddle

I’m a huge fan of adaptive design. It has to start with responsiveUI however, is ‘s presentation from Smashing Conference 2014: Adaptive Input. His talk starts off discussing the importance of responsive UI, then moves on to what we really consider the divisive characteristic between devices, which is the input, and how we can start to think about dealing with different input options on different devices. As usual, good stuff.

Pretty Diff: An online diff, beautify, and minify tool.

And finally, normally I try to end with something pretty silly down here at the end, but I’m going to instead point you to an article titled Stop Making Users Explore, in which author points out that “Nobody cares about your product. Fundamentally, what users care about is themselves”… I could not agree more, and the sooner we learn this, the sooner we get to the point and start making connections…

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