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I know I tend to focus on developer articles here, but 365 Awesome Designers seems like a great inspiration site!

A nice walk-through of a JS-only WAMP PubSub process using WebSockets and Autobahn. (How’s that for keyword-stuffing? :-)

CSS-creep. We’ve all done it, and deep-down, we all know when we’re doing it (or at least when we did, when we’re trying to override it…). offers some solid solutions for preventing it before it happens.

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app now lets you access a home PC from your iPhone. In case, you know, you ever need that… (Apparently the Android-version has been around for a bit already.)

span:nth-child(3):nth-last-child(3) { ... }. Breaking that down: that’s the third child and the third-last child. Given ‘n’ and ‘m’, the general formula is :nth-child(n):nth-last-child(m+1-n).

Have to admit, I’ve never found :nth-child to be intuitive, and this article doesn’t do anything to help with that, but I can recognize where the author is headed, and see the power of the combinations. Impressive.

And in case those aren’t enough to intimidate you, how about this group of “coming soon” CSS4 Selectors? Man, CSS is getting so complicated… :-) My fave code sample from the article is this one:
:not(:has(:not(img))) // does not have anything not an image
Whaaaaa???? ;-)

You already have everything in Google’s universe, why not let them handle your domain name too?

Hey bikers, here is your next investment:

smrtGRiPS: Bicycle Navigation GPS Tool Brings Good Vibrations

Vibrating grips to indicate turn-by-turn navigation is the just the beginning. Scroll down to watch the video and see everything they plan to implement. The video talks about how their network will help locate any stolen bike, but I wonder what prevents a thief from simply removing the grips from your bike, either to steal the grips themselves, or remove the trackability… Seems pretty sweet, none-the-less…

So far only implemented in Firefox, looks to be a very cool debugging feature!

Did you know iOS8 allows you to scan the front of a credit card using your phone’s camera, rather than type all that crap into a bunch of form fields? Neither did I, but that’s pretty awesome!

Chrome Canary just made debugging CSS animations a whole lot better!

And finally, ever wonder what R2-D2 is saying with all those beeps and whistles? Well wonder no more…

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