Today’s Readings

A very extensive list of WP plugins to customize the editor.

Tinted windows that block sunlight and generate electricity. Um, hello.

Tenon allows you to easily test the accessibility of your website via their website, their API, or their Chrome extension, and has taken care of the Firefox extension, and has taken care of the WordPress plugin… So what are you waiting for, you really have no excuses, now do you?

As you’re standing in a museum, staring at famous works of art, have you ever wondered what they see? Clever… :-)

Using WEBP/JPEG 2000/JPEG-XR/APNG Now With Picturefill and Modernizr. Also compares the various images side-by-side, and often with comparison slider. Fantastic article!

Got Git? Want to move beyond commit, pull, and push?? This series of video Git tutorials, mostly free, will help.

And how well do you know HTML, CSS and JS? Care to find out?

Well we can always stand to improve our JS skills

And if that only whetted your whistle for more JS, this curated list of “essential” JS articles should help.

And once you know all there is to know there, how do you put it all into practice? Why, learn all the ins-and-outs of DevTools, of course! :-)

Get to know the Web Animations API a little better.

Then dig into a deep comparison of CSS animation versus JS animation… You might not hear (it’s a video) what you are used to hearing about this topic…

Wow, ever wanted to know exactly what happens when you type a URL into a browser’s address bar and press the Enter key?

Very slick off-screen content filter panel. Really like the animation as items are filtered into and out of view…

And here is the other extremely common UI pattern right now, the auto-hiding/-revealing header.

Would you like to play a game? Well, hopefully none of these design games will lead to the threat of Global Thermonuclear War, but you might want to play to win, just to be safe…

Once again shows us something new and innovative, this time fit-content, which as he points out “is excellent for aligning groups of content with unknown width, such as a site navigation bar”.

And finally, my thanks to Creative Bloq for the mention in their 10 web design trends that will change everything in 2015 article! Always humbling to be mentioned amongst such luminaries in our industry…

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