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A clever technique from to get the actual window size on any device. Applications of this technique could be either do this in the head then delete the div right away, or try to position it with a negative z-index so it isn’t visible to the user. But however you use it, it is clever.

Hey bikers, FlipCrown is a fantastic upgrade for your bike that allows you to easily twist your handle bars so they are parallel with the rest of your bike, for easier, more compact storage! They also have a modification for your pedals, so you can get bikes even closer… (There is a video, too, if you need something “more visual”…)

Got WordPress? Want it to be faster? Of course, we all do. While most articles on this topic collect a few plugins, here is a series that reaches out a little farther. Looking forward to the additional installments!

Got accordion menus? Of course you do… But how do you tell your users about it? Plus/Minus icons? Some form of arrow icons?? And do you put those icons on the left- or right-side of the link??? Well, you might want to read a short study on the subject to see what your users might be expecting and thinking

Awesomplete is an awesome autocomplete thingy from . But I have to say I don’t like the big “no JS” near the top of that page, because you do need JS, just not any custom JS that you need to write… In any case, awesome tool, definitely worth looking into, just as long as you know the requirements.

I think most of us have at least tried to get on the “JS at the bottom of the page” boat, but that is not always possible. writes about the four loading times of JS and how choosing the right one for your scripts can help boost your overall loading time performance.

The list of people that might one day become the first humans to inhabit Mars has been cut-down to 100; are you on it? A treasure trove of everything you could imagine SVG!

“We need to keep [this stupid thing] above the fold”… The bane of most developer’s existence. But where is “the fold”? Find out. The lines are random selections from unique folds from unique IP addresses. Someone has a fold of 4096… So now you can tell marketing that [this stupid thing] is above the fold; the fold just happens to be at 4096… ;-)

Ever try to put a link inside of another link, like this?
<a href="a.html">This link has <a href="b.html">another link</a> inside of it</a>
Doesn’t work, right? Browsers block the behavior because it is invalid according to the spec. But sometimes it would be really nice to be able to do it! So, played around and found a functional, though still not valid, solution. Awesome!

And speaking of links, De Correspondent decided to try to fix three different distractions that current link behavior creates. The solutions are quite good, I think!

always has great, research-based tips for improving the UX of a site. This video talks about making email addresses easier to enter, thus producing more reliable data. All of the videos in the right-column are quite good.

They’re baaaaaaaack! Despite strong opposition, and thus far terrible support, Pointer Events have reached recommendation status… There is still hope..·

And finally, why is Bluetooth symbol the symbol for Bluetooth, and On/Off symbol the symbol for On/Off? Find these answers and more

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