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A bit more on the RICG Responsive Images plugin for WordPress, from the plugin’s author, . I’m excited to see this plugin progress and enhance toward a full responsive image solution!

Speaking of responsive images, walks us through using JS inside of PS to batch process a responsive image set, including retina versions!

And now that you have all those responsive image sizes, is here to help keep those unwieldy srcset attributes from getting, well, too unwieldy

And once you are all set for new images, what about the old ones? Here is a collection of WP plugins to help you update and organize your media assets, old and new alike.

One more plugin that I would have added to that last article would be Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild, which, once you have all your new rules in places, will cycle through all existing Media Library folders and create any image sizes that are missing from the new required set. Slick. (The process cab be a little resource heavy, so it might be best to run either during low-traffic periods, or on a dev server, then copy the resulting assets to the live server.)

There are many pitfalls to working within a distributed team, but offers several solutions and recommendations to make your remote working experience as seamless as possible.

Drop-down menus can be a real pain to navigate with a mouse, like closing if you accidentally veer outside the currently-hovered parent element. has collected several options for making drop-down menus easier for your users to navigate.

Hmm, I had never encountered image-rendering: pixelated before, but it certainly makes sense for some images!

Got SSL? We probably all should, but it’s really slow, right?? Maybe, maybe not; find out ways to improve SSL speeds.

I love The Filament Group. I love how they encounter a problem, find a solution, then work on making that solution even better, and even better, until it is as good as it can be, at least for now. The latest is their iterations to eradicate FOIT. After several tries, they have found a very elegant solution. Sadly, FontFaceObserver is nowhere close to being widely available, but the article does list two polyfills…

Pretty cool SVG masking effect! Also very cool x-ray-proof boots that little metalhead is wearing… ;-)

Want to avoid pesticides in your food? Nah, they’re delicious and nutritious, right?? :-| Well, if you do, you can try the clean fifteen, “a list of the conventionally grown produce least likely to have pesticide contamination”. Yes, “least likely” is considered a win…

A nice, easy walk-through of loading critical CSS inline, and non-critical CSS via loadCSS. Nice job, !

+spread: …a small Sass mixin that takes min/max values for a property and generates media queries that evenly spread the values across your screen dimensions.

Pay close attention to the bit about “running your CSS through a media query combiner”, please…

From the ESO‘s MUSE come The Best Images of the Deep Universe (So Far). Inspiring stuff…

As a side note: Why does anyone think that fading an image when a user hovers over it is a good idea? The UX seems completely counter-intuitive to me… As does the link underline color, again, to me… (Sorry, Wired designers¬∑)

And finally, ever try parking in a big city’s downtown area? If you were able to successfully decipher their famously cryptic parking regulation signs, then you are a truly gifted person. But wouldn’t one of these options be much easier for everyone??

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