Update to “How to Print a LinkedIn Profile as a Resume” Bookmarklet. Finally…

Nearly two years ago (Whaaaa?????) I wrote a tiny little Bookmarklet that converts a LinkedIn Profile page to a printable version. For all the obvious reasons.

And for nearly two years I have simply sat on my pile of gold and basked in the glory of– No, I mostly just forgot about it and had no idea if anyone ever used it…

Then I started getting “pings” from the good peoples of the Interwebs, asking “Hey, you ever gonna fix that broken thing?”. So today I got off my butt (actually, sat down on it), and fixed that broken thingĀ·

The current layout of a LinkedIn Profile page now converts pretty nicely again. You can find the draggable Bookmarklet on the above page, or you can git it from Github, and even customize it for your own needs and preferences (the changes, after all, are just CSS and a little JS).

Happy printing,

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